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Kobe Beef ( Calgary )

I ca n't exactly retrieve when I firstly holded Kobe Beef. Peradventure it was in form 11 during a camp ( yes, I maked camp in class 11 ). Perhaps it was first twelvemonth university. Disregardless, it is a spot that holds special significance for Maine Located within MacEwan Hallway ( the Educatee 's Brotherhood ) at the University of Calgary, it is a venerable establishment as such ( possibly more venerable than the collapsing UofC ). It, along with the Dairy Queen, the A+W, and Java Company, holds been there since I was at least 6.


Here it is: the Chicken/Beef combo on rice. If you state `` combo '' to the Asiatic lady at the till, she 'll cognize what you intend. This term is what the staff exercise as a short signifier of the chicken/beef combo and whenever I tell it, I e'er experience simply a little spot nearer to this little Asiatic lady. You ca n't see it goodly because of all the Redness Cock chili sauce I fictive it. I begined making that in 2nd twelvemonth university, when my pal Eric presumed me to cover it so that I could n't see the nutrient underneath. Who cognise that this was a fantastical manner to eat it!!! True... the cooks themselves are floored when I douse it in hot sauce. True... I require serviettes to wipe the perspiration from my face after I eat it. But for sentimental grounds, I simply ca n't eat it without the hot sauce now. You should seek it... at your ain endangerment.

The cost holds arisen dramatically. It utilise to be $5.30. Right now, it is $6.75. Yikes. Stillly, if you compare the quality of the beef and part size to the mall-based teppanyaki spots ( Edo, Koya, Teriyaki Experience spring to mind ), you 'll promptly bump that Kobe Beef is goodly deserving the trip to the UofC. The beef is what does Kobe Beef fantastic. Though not true `` Kobe '' beef, it is still rattlingly tender, really soft, and functioned as pieces. The least bit the other Teppan-style spots, in order to get the beef to cook quicker, they cube it upwards with their utensils into small spots which rattlingly takes off from the texture of the beef.

I rattlingly like Kobe Beef. I honestly come here every clip that I am in Calgary. I still consider it is objectively rather good, with good quality and good value. But I am rather sentimental about it overly. Only like the mode I still like Credo and the Spice Girls.

Kobe Beef, 2506 University Dr Northwestward, Calgary, AB T2M, ( 403 ) 284-2110, no site.

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